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PCARS April Newsletter is here

Greetings PCARS Members, ARRL Officials, Other Clubs and other interested people,

If you are getting this via e-mail, then: Attached is the April 2013 issue of The RADIOGRAM sent directly to your e-mail box for your viewing pleasure!


If you’re reading this on the web page: Hey download your copy – click the NEWSLETTER tab and you can either view it on-line, or right click, save-as and then put it on your computer to view off-line.

Hope you enjoy this issue – This is the annual April Fool Issue. Packed with humor and fun (PCARS ALWAYS has FUN). There are also some ‘real’ articles to look over as well.


44 PAGES – WOW !! No wonder the file size is so big !!!!

More information on FIELD DAY 2013 – check it out !

Pictures and a report from the J-Pole Antenna Day club project.

LOTS of good information. PCARS has a TON of stuff going on and even more in the works – something for everyone!


Feel free to pass this newsletter on to anyone interested in ham radio or PCARS.

Take care & 73,

Tom “Parky”, KB8UUZ
PCARS Newsletter Editor


The Radiogram is the monthly newsletter of PCARS. Every month, we bring you news, events, DX listings, articles, and lots of fun. All of the issues, dating back to the very first, are on the club website ( for you to download and read.


Articles are welcome. Send your submission in .txt (text) format to the editor: Tom “Parky”, KB8UUZ at:

pdf iconPCARS-APR2013.pdf

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ARES training net

Hello everyone,

Please join us tonight, Thursday for the ARES of Portage County bi-weekly training net. All are welcome and we hope to hear you check in. The repeater frequency of 146.895 with pl tones of 110.9 and 114.8.


Mike DiCarro, KD8FLZ 

EC, ARES of Portage County, District 5

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Radio programming software

    From the current edition of the ARRL Contest Update, check out this open source software that is designed for use with a wide variety of radios.
    I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet but maybe one of you can and write an article for the PCARS newsletter letting us know how it works!
    73, Jim, KC8PD

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Net Night at the clubsite

Hey all!  Don't forget to come on out to the club site for "net night".  I will expect everyone there to check in tonight.  John, KB8UHN will be NCS, and Mike, KB8TUY will be your host at the club site.  73, hope to hear you on the net tonight.


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NWS Aware newsletter – now monthly

From the NWS:
The NWS Aware newsletter welcomes subscribers to the first monthly edition. An overwhelming majority of you told us in our reader survey last fall that you preferred a shorter, more frequent newsletter. Here is the result.  We intend to keep future editions even shorter. Comments, compliments, suggestions on the new format are welcome.  Please send them to Managing Editor Melody Magnus,

Download the March Aware at:

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Will get back on about 7 at 21.288 +/-


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PJ2WB8LCD is on the air

Tom is operating from the world-famous PJ2T contest station. Right now (4:15pm) he is on 21.264.5
Make a contact with him!

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Here at pj2t will be on 21.265 momentarily.  Get Me!


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Tuesday Digital Net

The Digital Net will be running on Tuesday 3/26 starting at 7:30pm.  Come join us on the 146.895 repeater for some digital fun.  What funny pictures might I be sending on this net?  Come see!   Do you know the answer to puzzle number 8?   Hop on and give me your answer!
Hope to see you on the net.
73 Steve K8SRR
Puzzle #8
There are three switches downstairs. Each corresponds to one of the three light bulbs in the attic.
You can turn the switches on and off and leave them in any position.
How would you identify which switch corresponds to which light bulb,
if you are only allowed one trip upstairs?

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Newest HamRadioNow episodes


Episode 67 is a talk with a ham who is using the low-bit-rate WSJT software to make Earth-Moon-Earth contacts… and he’s got enough of a station do to some traditional CW as well.
Episode 68 is a conversation with Ham Radio Deluxe’s Rick Ruhl W4PC at Orlando, as they finally release Version 6.
Episode 69 is a review of ABC TV’s sitcom Last Man Standing – last Friday’s episode took Ham Radio from a minor background element to a huge part of the whole episode. But not every ham is happy with the result!

HAMRADIONOW is an online podcast from Amateur Radio//Video News. It’s free to watch on the web. If you like what you see, we request your support. Just go to our web site,, and ‘click the pig.’ That’ll take you to the support page. Whatever you think it’s worth.

Thanks and 73,
Gary KN4AQ

Gary Pearce KN4AQ
508 Spencer Crest Ct.
Cary, NC 27513

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