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PCARS November Newsletter

Greetings PCARS Members, ARRL Officials, Amateur Radio Clubs and other interested people,
If you are getting this via e-mail, then: Attached is the November 2014 issue of The RADIOGRAM sent directly to your e-mail box for your viewing pleasure! If you're reading this on the web page: click on the PDF icon or click the NEWSLETTER tab and you can either view it on-line, or right click and 'save-as', then put it on your computer to view off-line.
Hope you enjoy this issue – 
READ ALL ABOUT IT – PCARS Balloon Launch Delayed Until Spring – California QSO Party Update – Center of Hope Holiday Doanations – Elections at the November Meeting – CW Class Update – November Sweeps are coming – Pictures and WAIT – THERE's MORE!!  OSPOTA 2014 Final Results !! and LOTS of other good information. PCARS has a TON of stuff going on and even more in the works – something for everyone!
PLEASE – Be at the November PCARS Meeting – even if you are not a PCARS member – BIG raffle – LOTS of prizes – we're raising money for the Center of Hope Holiday Donation Drive. Bring Money or Bring Checks – it's all for a great cause.
Feel free to pass this newsletter on to anyone interested in ham radio or PCARS.
Take care & 73,
Tom "Parky", KB8UUZ
PCARS Newsletter Editor
The Radiogram is the monthly newsletter of PCARS. Every month, we bring you news, events, DX listings, articles, and lots of fun. All of the issues, dating back to the very first, are on the club website ( for you to download and read. Amateur Radio articles are welcome. Send your submission in .txt (text) format to the editor:

pdf icon PCARS-Nov14.pdf

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Contesting Webinar by Ward Silver, N0AX

1)  News Flash:  Contesting webinar
with H. Ward Silver, N0AX, author of Ham Radio for
and QST Contributing Editor– Nov. 5, 7 pm.
Austintown Senior Center, 112 Westchester Dr. (sponsored
by Mahoning County ARES)

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W5KUB Live Webcast of Arduino for Ham Radio

Sent: 10/27/2014
11:40:23 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: W5KUB Live Webcast of Arduino for
Ham Radio


Live Webcast

Arduino for Ham


join us for a special webcast featuring our special guest, Glen Popiel, KW5GP,
author of the newly released ARRL publication, Arduino
for Ham Radio
This event will be webcast from
W5KUB’s personal ham shack on Thursday, October 30th at 8:00 PM CT
(0100 UTC). 
devices are
powerful and inexpensive
and they are an easy way for ham radio
operators, students, and professionals to create devices that interact with
their environment using sensors and actuators. 
will discuss Arduino and its many applications. 
Glen will show and demonstrate
projects from his book.  He may even bring some surprise
projects not in the book.  Glen’s projects


Random Code Practice

Talking GPS/UTC Time/Grid
Square Indicator

CW Beacon and Foxhunt


Fan Speed





Field Day Satellite

RF Probe with LED Bar

Azimuth/Elevation Rotator

Solar Battery Charger




Talking SWR

CDE/Hy-Gain Rotator


To join
the webcast go to
where the fun begins!
 For the first time, there will be a telephone line for
viewers to join the webcast.  Viewers can ask questions or
discuss their own Arduino projects.  During the live
webcast, viewers can chat with us or other ham radio operators from around the


can win prizes, including autographed Arduino for Ham Radio books and
some Arduino items donated by Glen Popiel.  To be eligible
for prizes, you must have a registered chat room login account on
W5KUB.COM.  If you
don’t already have a login, go to “W5KUB” and click on “Live Events and Chat
Room” where you can either log in or set up a new user account.
 This year over $10,000 in prizes have been awarded to
viewers of our webcast!  Of course, no purchase is necessary
to win a prize because we don’t sell anything!!  W5KUB is
not affiliated with any products or companies.


Arduino, our guest will be John Amodeo, NN6JA, Producer of ABC’s hit TV show
Last Man Standing featuring Tim Allen.  John will
provide an update of the recent K6H Special Event.


join our group on Facebook at for more details and to keep up
with our webcasts.


please help spread the word by posting this announcement in Facebook and
forwarding this message to your ham radio friends that may not have received
this message!



Medlin, W5KUB




If you
would like to be removed from these mailings, please click Reply and type
'Remove' in the subject

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CW Special Event Oct 31, Nov 1 and Nov 2

Hello all ships at sea…. and PCARS members..

Get ur CW noggin working – a special event this coming weekend on the 500khz band.

Check out the link below….. enjoy !!



72,73, Dave, WB2DFC

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DX/Contest SIG

Tomorrow evening at 7PM the DX/Contest Special interest Group will meet at our club site.  We will be viewing one of two DVDs coving DXpeditions that took place in 2002.
Our choice will be between the VP8THU – South Sandwich Is. / VP8GEO South Georgia Is. DXpedition  and the XT2DX Voodudes 202 DXpedition to Burkina Faso.
These two DVDs are very interesting so no matter which one we choose, we will be treated to a good view of what taking part in a this type of trip entails.  
Hope to see many of you there.

 73 – Chuck Patellis  W8PT

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Newsletter Inputs – Please

Hello PCARS Members,

Halloween is less than a week away – And, Halloween just happens to be the last Friday of the month – which also means it's PCARS Newsletter Input Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep – so please, get your inputs for the November newsletter in as soon as possible.
LOTS of PCARS things going on in November so you won't want to miss the newsletter either.
So, write up that article, send it and some pictures, Take a shack shot and tell other PCARS people about your set up – or scan in your QSL card to share with others as well.
Take care & 73,
Tom "Parky", KB8UUZ
PCARS Newsletter Editor

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Looks like this good be a good pass to watch for!
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: <>
Date: Fri, Oct 24, 2014 at 7:57 AM
Subject: SpotTheStation

Time: Fri Oct 24 7:39 PM, Visible: 5 min, Max Height: 59 degrees, Appears: NW, Disappears: ESE

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Net Night at the Club Site

Thursday, October 23rd.  Hey – that might be tonight!   C'mon out to the clubsite to check into the ARES net and the PCARS net.  Doors open from 6:30 to 10:30.   Beverages and snacks will be available.  Try your Ham Radio knowledge on the new – improved – Net Night Trivia Quiz.  There will be a prize for the winner –  to win, you MUST have checked into the PCARS net.  So, bring your HT, check in from your car, or from the PCARS station.
If nothing else, we always have a really good time! 
The PCARS station now has a radio at the third operating position thanks to a generous donation by Jim – KC8PD.  Check it out.  With three fully functional antenna systems, get on the air!  Just be there.
See you there, es 73,
de Tom wb8lcd

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You may wonder if your antenna got un-plugged

LOTS OF SOLAR FLARES: Solar activity is high. During the past 48
hours, monster sunspot AR2192 has produced a series of seven M-class solar flares of increasing intensity.
The eruptions crossed the threshold into X-territory with an X1-class flare on Oct. 22nd.
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a powerful flash of extreme UV
radiation in the sunspot's magnetic canopy at 14:30 UT:

not one of the explosions so far has hurled a significant CME toward Earth. The
primary effect of the flares has been to ionize Earth's upper atmosphere,
causing a series of short-lived HF radio communications blackouts.
blackouts may be noticed by amateur radio operators, aviators, and mariners.

Earth-effects could
increase in the days ahead. AR2192 has an unstable 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic
field that harbors energy for powerful explosions, and the active region is
turning toward Earth. NOAA forecasters estimate at 65% chance of M-class flares
and a 20% chance of X-flares during the next 24 hours. 

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Net Night at the Club Site

This week!  Thursday, October 23rd.   6:30 – 10:30.
Stop out, we'll have a new Net Night Quiz.  No, I can't give tickets to next months 50/50 (just to keep it fair), but I will have a special prize for the Quiz Winner – no waiting – drive it home that night.
Check into the ARES net at 7:00PM and Check into the PCARS net at 8:00PM  (Check in to PCARS required to win quiz prize).  Beverages are on hand and we'll have some snacks.  Mostly just a good time to hang out.  You might even want to check out the new HF rig at the shack donated by Jim – KC8PD.  You're welcome to get on the air now that all antennas are up and running.
Hope to see you there.
Tom wb8lcd

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