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February Monthly Meeting

The February monthly meeting is less than a week away. We are going to have a great speaker, Hans Summers president and founder of QRP-Labs. He will be joining us via Skype from Turkey. His topic will be the development of his newest transceiver the QSX. Although it is not yet available it has generated a lot of interest. It is an all HF band, all mode QRP radio.
Hans received a BSc in Physics from the Imperial College, London University. His first 22 years up to 2016 was in Applications Software development. He was licensed in 1994 as G0UPL. He has taken the US exams and received the Extra call AF7BF. Since 2016 he has pursued QRP Labs full time designing and selling kits for the ham radio market. He developed the QCX (Click here to see the QCX) CW transceiver for the YOTA program in 2017 and has sold thousands of these kits worldwide. This should be a great presentation.
There will be changes to our sign-in and 50/50 procedures. When you arrive at the meeting there will be a sign-in table. There will also be a table with all the 50/50 prizes. You will sign-in to the meeting and buy your 50/50 tickets when you arrive. This will make sure we have an accurate list of all those that attend and greatly speed up our 50/50 event.
I am looking forward to seeing all of you Monday. We will have a great time.
Jim, AC8NT
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Freeze Your Acorns Off

Freeze Your Acorns Off
PCARS Members:

This Saturday, Feb 9, PCARS will be hosting it’s 14th annual Freeze Your Acorns Off QRP Event.

As in previous years, the operating format will be a “contest” for all participants that set up a station and operate from the FYAO site. And as in years past, the host site is the shelter house at Fred Fuller Park in Kent. The winner will receive a certificate and his or her name and call sign will be added to the FYAO plaque displayed at the PCARS Club site.

We will also be having a contest within a contest…..the Best Recipe Cook-Off. So as many as you feel you are great cooks, whip up your best recipe of chili, mac & cheese, spicy meatballs, stew or whatever your heart desires and bring your dish to pass and have judged by our “expert” panel of judges. (Judges to be chosen during the event to assure “NO COLLUSION – absolutely NO COLLUSION with the Ru…err Judges”

So come on out this Saturday. The contest begins at 1500 UTC (10AM Local) and ends at 2000 UTC (3PM Local). For those of you setting up a station, you are encouraged to come one hour earlier to pick your operating spot. Remember, this is a QRP Event so keep your foot warmers at home.

Come on out and set up a station, bring lots of food, invite your friends to see what this is all about and just have a good time with your fellow HAMS. Most importantly, we’re here to have BIG FUN so I hope to see a lot of you there.

73 for now,

Chuck W8PT

PS: Don’t forget to wear you best Hawaiian shirt!

73 – Chuck W8PT
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