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Field Day 20 Meter Station

Field Day Participants:
We still have two slots open on the 20m Station schedule. Midnight to 2AM Sunday and 4AM-6AM Sunday. If there is anyone that can fill these spots, please let me know.
Also, there are no loggers listed for any of the 20m ops. Many of them have indicated that they don’t need loggers. However, if there is someone scheduled for the 20m station that feels they would like to have a logger, please let me know. And if there is anyone who would like to log, also, please let me know.
73 – Chuck W8PT
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Antenna Day Cancelled

Due to recent and forecast weather conditions that are affecting site conditions, and probable safety concerns from thunderstorms forecast for Saturday (Antenna Day), we are cancelling Antenna Day. Because of the short time between now and Field Day this exercise will NOT be rescheduled.
Thanks to all who had planned to show up and help for Antenna Day. See you all at Field Day!
Tony WA8AR, Field Day Chairman
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DX/Contest SIG Meets Tomorrow

To all PCARS Contesters and DXers:

I know that many of us are recently back from Dayton and we are interested in what you saw, bought, sold and otherwise, experienced during your trip to Xenia. We will be getting together tomorrow (Tuesday, May 28th) at 7PM at the club site to have our monthly DX/Contest Special Interest Group meeting. I’ll have a show & tell with me and if you picked up something new, bring it if you can so we can ooo and ahhh together. See you there.

73 – Chuck W8PT

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June Newsletter Inputs Needed

Hello PCARS Members,
The June Newsletter is less than a week away.
I’m looking for you inputs including any pictures and stories you may have if you went to Hamvention.
Or any other stories you may want to have in the newsletter.
PLEASE have your inputs to me ASAP.
Deadline is Friday May 31st at 8pm.
Send your articles and pictures (in focus and large format) as soon as you can.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Parky, KB8UUZ
PCARS Newsletter Editor
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Field Day Food Reminder

If you want to eat dinner at Field Day, send Paul an email Members eat free, but you must make a reservation with Paul by June 1st.
If you are bringing a guest to dinner, let Paul know and make sure he gets $5 per guest.
If you would like to eat breakfast, let Paul know by June 1st and make sure he gets $2 per person.
No Food for You!!!!
Jim, AC8NT
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Important Field Day Information

Some important Field Day news!
  1. The Field Day Team has reschedule Antenna Day for June 1.
  2. Field Day Dinner (the Saturday night of Field Day) is free for all paid up members. If you bring a guest, the cost is $5. It will be catered and we must have a solid count of those who plan to attend. If you are planning to eat, you need to contact Paul Hyland at and let him know how many will be there including guests. You must let him know how many in your party will be at supper by no later than June 1st.
  3. Breakfast Sunday will also be catered and will cost everyone that eats $2. Again you need to let Paul know how many will be eating breakfast by June 1st.
  4. Make arrangements with Paul about payment for meals.
  5. There is a donation button on our website that allows you to donate to the Field Day Fund. Please consider a donation, no matter the size. If everyone in the club donated just a little it would cover our expenses for this great event.
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RSGB – New propagation prediction tool released

The RSGB’s Propagation Studies Committee (PSC) has released a new propagation tool for amateurs, based on the ITU’s ITURHFPROP program. The tool is the work of programmer and PSC member James Watson, HZ1JW.

The new tool gives you hour-by-hour monthly median propagation predictions from a location you specify to one of 28 locations around the world. Predictions are performed between the user’s position, expressed as a Maidenhead Locator (or the default value of IO92 if not specified). In some cases, performance for both long and short paths is evaluated.

The results are presented in tables, with colours used to represent the Basic Circuit Reliability (BCR), and numeric values to indicate the predicted median receive power (expressed in S Levels). As well as specifying your mode (SSB, CW, FT8 and others), you can also choose from a wide range of antenna types at both ends of the path. A tool to select your noise level is also included.

The tool also loads the results two at a time so that you don’t get an awkward 20+ second delay while the computations are completed. The details you input are cached, so that you should not need to change them the next time you use the program. Users also have the ability to print out the month’s predictions as a PDF file.

The tool can be found here.

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Morse Code Celebrates 175 Years and Counting

Here’s a great read from the Smithsonian Magazine

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May Field Day Planning Meeting

The May Field Day Planning meeting will be held on Tuesday 5/21/19 at 6:30 to 7:30 pm in the radio room at the PCARS Club site.  All FD Station Captains and FD Staff should attend, especially since this may be our LAST meeting before FD.  Our monthly meetings are also open to all PCARS members who wish to participate.
The main topics of discussion for this Tuesday evening will be to finalize planning for field Day. Antenna Day is now set for Saturday June 1st.
Tony WA8AR, Field Day Chairman
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Hamvention Pictures and Net Night at the Club

Any photographs you may have taken at hamvention, please email a copy to either (or both) Parky or Tom.
Also, be sure to put this Thursday evening on your calendar as “Net Night AT the Clubsite” I hope to see everyone there – doors open from 6:30 to 10:00PM. Come on out, check into the PCARS Net and share your experience / purchases from Hamvention with the rest of us. (Kinda sounds like an adult show and tell, doesn’t it!)
Finally, get those articles ready for the newsletter!
Tom WB8LCD and Parky KB8UUZ
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