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CY9C St. Paul Island DXPEDITION Update

Here is the latest update:
Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX
Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, the AB5K’s AR Clusters
Network and N0TG for the following DX information.
CY9C ST. PAUL ISLAND DXPEDITION NEWS (Update, dated June 30th). [edited]
Helicopter has been repaired overnight and is in the air on the way to
Dingwall, NS, and will arrive late afternoon today, (Tuesday, 30th July).
Transport of gear and personnel to the island is planned for Wednesday,
31st July. A partial setup/operation is expected Wednesday and full up
operation the next day….. 73, Randy N0TG
73 – Chuck W8PT
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CY9C St. Paul Island DXPEDITION News

CY9C ST. PAUL ISLAND DXPEDITION NEWS (Press Release, date June 28th).
[edited] St. Paul Island Dxpedition CY9C July 31st-August 8th — All is
on schedule. Three vehicles loaded with equipment and supplies each are
on the way from different locations headed for Dingwall, NS, the takeoff
point for helicopter transport to St. Paul Island. The helicopter will
be flying to Dingwall from New York on Monday, 29th. Setup on the island
will begin Wednesday, July 30th, with full-up operation planned for Wed-
nesday, July 31st. Donations in any amount can still be made via Web
site at ( QSL confirmation for donors will be auto-
matic with no other action required (of course must work us and be in
the log)…… 73, Randy N0TG
73 – Chuck W8PT
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August RADIOGRAM is Ready to Read

Greetings PCARS Members, ARRL Officials, Amateur Radio Clubs and other interested people,
The August 2019 issue of The RADIOGRAM has been published and is ready for you to enjoy.
Hope you enjoy this issue – READ ALL ABOUT IT – Field Day 2019, the PCARS entry has been submitted to ARRL! – Ohio QSO Party/Club Picnic and Open House is this month – BE THERE – 10th annual Mobile Cruise-In at the A&W is on the 15th – Hiram Percy Maxim 150th event – Ohio State Courthouses On The Air – Kilo Eight Big Fun – New local UHF Repeater is on the air – something for everyone!
Click Here to go directly to the newsletter or use the following link:
Feel free to pass this newsletter on to anyone interested in ham radio or PCARS.
Take care & 73,
Tom “Parky”, KB8UUZ
PCARS Newsletter Editor
Any mistakes found in the newsletter are there on purpose so some of you can can have fun finding them…. The Radiogram is the monthly newsletter of PCARS. Every month, we bring you news, events, DX listings, articles, and lots of fun. All of the issues, dating back to the very first, are on the club website ( for you to download and read. Amateur Radio articles are welcome. Send your submission in .txt (text) format to the editor:
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Ohio BBQso Party Saturday August 24th

Mark your calendars for this great event. This is one of our best events of the year. More to come, but please plan to attend.
Jim, AC8NT
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PCARS Newsletter Item in ARRL Contest Update

Check out the latest ARRL Contest Update:
This was part of it:
In the July 2019 PCARS Newsletter, Jim, AC8NT and JC, KC3JXQ, describe using the GPS2Time program to keep your computer’s clock correct for FT8 and FT4 communications using an inexpensive GPS receiver connected via USB. According to the article, the software will “…sync your PC’s clock at a period you set (say every 15 minutes). It will also provide an up to 10 character grid square, as well as latitude, longitude, and altitude.”
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Net Night at the Clubsite this Thursday July 25th

This Thursday July 25th is our regular “Net Night at the Clubsite”. Ed – K8IV will be running the PCARS 2 meter net from the clubsite, so come on out and participate in some good Ham Radio Fun! We always have a great time when we meet at the clubsite for the a net.
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DX/Contest SIG Meets Tomorrow Tuesday July 23 at 7:00 PM

PCARS DXer’s & Contesters:
Tomorrow, Tuesday July 23rd, will be our DX/Contest Special Interest Group meeting at the club site at 7PM. We will review our recent effort in the NAQP RTTY contest. We will also discuss how we might be able to do better next time. (Note: We did very well this time!!)
We will also discuss our participation in the upcoming Ohio QSO Party contest that will be held August 24-25. Don’t forget that this contest is our BBQ event also. So please keep those dates in August open so you can come to operate and come to enjoy good BBQ.
See you tomorrow evening.
73 – Chuck W8PT
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August 2019 Newsletter Inputs

Hello PCARS Members,
The heat of July is almost over – then the heat of August will be here soon as well….
Anyway, that means a new PCARS newsletter is in the works. If you have anything for the newsletter, please send it to me along with any (large format and in-focus) photos.
Friday – July 26th is the last Friday of the month and inputs are due no later that 8 pm on the 26th.
Let’s keep our newsletter going great with your help! Looking forward to getting your inputs. Email .TXT files to
Parky – PCARS Newsletter Editor
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USB and the Man on the Moon?

Apollo 11 lands on the moon
(The following article was distributed by the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting.)

No, not that USB.

It was the Unified S-Band Radio System that helped Apollo 11 place a man on the moon on July 20, 1969, 50 years ago tomorrow.
Collins Radio played an important part in Voice of America history, as it built the powerful 250,000 watt shortwave transmitters that replaced original Crosley transmitters in 1963. Collins also made an important contribution to Project Apollo.
The earlier Mercury and Gemini space programs used separate radio systems for voice communications, tracking, and telemetry (data collection for monitoring). The multiple systems were adequate for these simpler missions. However, the Apollo mission to land on the moon required expanded communications capabilities due to the increased distance and the use of two separate manned spacecrafts- the command module and the lunar module.
NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Collins Radio met this challenge by developing the Unified S-Band System (USB), which integrated the different radio systems into a single system. During the Apollo 11 mission, it used the ultra-high frequency S-Band, also known as the microwave band, for radio transmission between the modules and the NASA ground station. The USB antennas could transmit and receive radio signals simultaneously. These 80-foot antennas were built by Blaw Knox, who also constructed the iconic 831-foot WLW tower in Mason, OH. The system even had an “emergency key” that allowed for Morse Code transmission in the event that voice communication was lost. And, yes, this USB system also supported video signals, so that the world could see Neil Armstrong’s “giant leap for mankind” on television. 
Today, the S-band frequencies are used to carry GPS and Bluetooth radio signals. 
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Some Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Special Event Stations

Courtesy of the ARRL:

07/01/2019 | Eagle Has Landed
Jul 1-Jul 28, 0900Z-2359Z, GB5EHL, Leiester, ENGLAND. Leicester Radio Society. 14.250; 160 to 10, 4, 6, and 2 meters; 70 cm, on all popular modes. QSL. Mr. M. Harriman, 70 Station Rd., Thurnby, Leicester LE79PU, ENGLAND.
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