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DX Calendar for October

How many can you work?


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October RADIOGRAM is Ready to Read

Greetings PCARS Members, ARRL Officials, Amateur Radio Clubs and other interested people,
The October 2019 issue of The RADIOGRAM has been published and is ready for you to enjoy.
Hope you enjoy this issue – READ ALL ABOUT IT – Center of Hope Donations Requested – There is no Plural for 73 – Survival, Precautions & Planning – Fishing Pole Dual-Band Slim Jim Antenna – Don’t Mess with Old Folks – something for everyone!
Feel free to pass this newsletter on to anyone interested in ham radio or PCARS.
Click Here to go directly to the newsletter or copy and paste the following link into your browser.
Take care & 73,
Tom “Parky”, KB8UUZ
PCARS Newsletter Editor
Any mistakes found in the newsletter are there on purpose so some of you can can have fun finding them…. The Radiogram is the monthly newsletter of PCARS. Every month, we bring you news, events, DX listings, articles, and lots of fun. All of the issues, dating back to the very first, are on the club website ( for you to download and read. Amateur Radio articles are welcome. Send your submission in .txt (text) format to the editor:
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Gilmour Radio Club Net 12:10 – 12:30 PM Tuesdays

The Gilmore Radio Club of the Gilmour Academy in Gates Mills is holding a net on the K8IV 444.575 (no tone) repeater each Tuesday from 12:10 till 12:30 PM. Ken KG8DN the faculty advisor is using the net to help grow interest in amateur radio in the student community. Net control is Rick KD8WCK.
If you have a chance please try to make this net and give the students some contacts. This is another opportunity to get students interested in our great hobby.
Jim, AC8NT
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Antenna Repairs at the Club Site

Our 40 Meter dipole antenna is back in the air and working!!
Just want to thank everyone for coming out today to help install the new 40 Meter dipole and rehang the coax cables running to our antennas. Special thanks to Jack N8BI for building and testing the new antenna. It took some tuning, but it is now ready for our next event.
For those of you that tried to use EchoLink last Thursday, it is now back up, tested and ready for the next net.
Thanks Again,
Jim, AC8NT
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Time again for Newsletter Inputs

Hello PCARS Members,

Yes – it is that time again – the October Newsletter is IN THE WORKS.
AND – I need your inputs.
Deadline is the last Friday of the month which is September 27th. Just about a week away.
Send your TEXT inputs and in-focus, large format photos to
Looking forward to hearing from you sooner than later !!
PCARS Newsletter Editor
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Club Site Antenna Install this Saturday September 21st at 9:00 AM

If you have a couple of hours to spare this Saturday September 21st starting at 10 AM we could use some help reinstalling our 40 meter dipole and the coax cables outside our club site. It takes a few people to manage the lowering and raising the main ring and raising the other end of the 40 meter dipole to its mounting position. Jack N8BI has finished building the new antenna and we now need to get it back into the air.
Would appreciate any help we can get.
Jim, AC8NT
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Thursday Night Net

Just a reminder we have the Thursday night net that starts every Thursday at 8:00 PM on the K8IV 146.895 (tone 118.8) repeater. This week’s net control operator is Tom WB8LCD.
Please plan to check in and get all the latest news and hear from your fellow hams.
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Net Night at the Clubsite Thursday September 26 at 6:30 PM

Thursday, September 26, is Net Night at the Clubsite. K8IV is scheduled to be the Net Control Operator for the evening.
Lately, there have been many comments made about the radio room operations at the clubsite. We want everyone to feel welcome, and comfortable getting on the air at the PCARS clubsite radio room. To that end, this Net Night will be an orientation evening for everyone to have the opportunity to:
1. Learn about the operation of the ICOM 7300’s. This will include learning how to return the radio to it’s original state before leaving the radio room.
2. Learn about all of the ancillary items and equipment at each operating station.
3. Learn about the antenna and patch cable system so that any station can be put on the air at any time.
These are all BASIC topics, but will cover the important things that ANY PCARS member should be aware of if you plan to operate from the clubsite radio room!
PCARS has a pretty large investment in our clubsite radio room. We want our members to use the equipment, but, we want all of our members to be aware of how to operate everything correctly, and, considerately to your fellow PCARS members!
I hope you will take the time to come out and enjoy an evening of fellowship and education. It’s going to be a great evening. See you there.

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FlexNet Wednesday September 11th at 8:00 PM

The September FlexNet is scheduled for Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at
8:00pm Eastern. This month’s net is on 20 meters and will take place on
or around 14.325 MHz. We will have someone available on the 146.895
repeater to guide you to the frequency if it changes.
Mike, N8WCP in Rootstown will be Net Control for the evening. We are
still in need of an alternate net controller located in a different part
of the county to assist.
As well, we would like some new volunteers for the NCS/Alternate duties
in the next few months. If you are interested, please contact Deron
N8XTH at or 330-715-8552.
Deron N8XTH
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Radio Museum Tour Saturday September 14th at 10 AM

Just a reminder our tour of the K8JLY’s Antique Radio Museum is this Saturday September 14th at 10 AM. Parking at the museum is limited so we have decided to meet at the Wales Square Shopping Center, 2150 Wales Rd. NE, Massillon, OH at 9:45 AM. This will allow us to car pool to the museum which is about 7 minutes away. The address of the shopping center is actually for a Dollar General Store at the center. Plan to park somewhere close to the Dollar General Store.
This museum is a real treat to see and experience. Please plan to attend and have some Big Fun in the museum.
Nick, AC8QG
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