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PCARS September Newsletter

The September 2020 issue of The RADIOGRAM has been published and is ready for you to enjoy.

Here is the link:

Hope you enjoy this issue – READ ALL ABOUT IT – Ohio State Parks On The Air (OSPOTA is September 12th!! – New ARRL CEO is David Minster, NA2AA – Ham Nation Spotlights PCARS – Cruise-In and BB-QSO Part Report – Rental Car QSOs – Island and Maritime (Kayak) Mobile – Something for everyone!

Feel free to pass this newsletter on to anyone interested in ham radio or PCARS.

Take care & 73,

Tom “Parky”, KB8UUZ
PCARS Newsletter Editor

Any mistakes found in the newsletter are there on purpose so some of you can have fun finding them…. The Radiogram is the monthly newsletter of PCARS. Every month, we bring you news, events, DX listings, articles, and lots of fun. All of the issues, dating back to the very first, are on the club website ( for you to download and read. Amateur Radio articles are welcome. Send your submission in .txt (text) format to the editor:

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California QSO Party

PCARS Contesters:
I know this is early since the CAQSOP doesn’t take place until Oct, but there is a new wrinkle this year. All Multi Op stations must pre-register. So I want to get a jump on this. The form I need to fill out asks among other things, how many ops we will have and their call signs.
Therefore, those of you who will be taking part either at the club site or from your own QTH, please email me ( and let me know. Do not reply to this qst email but email me at my personal email address.
Remember, it doesn’t matter if you are going to operate from the club site, if we open it, or your own QTH. I need to know the total number of ops and their call signs.
73 – Chuck W8PT
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Net Night at the Clubsite

While I look forward to hearing from all of you on the net Thursday night, I am again going to CANCEL the in person Net Night at the Clubsite for this month.
Having had both the Cruise In and the OH BBQSO Party this month, I don’t want to push too hard on social events.
I’ve stopped using the term “when we get back to normal”, but, I do see the day, not too far off, when we can get back together again without the fear that we are doing something risky to our health.
Please, make this week’s net one of the biggest and best ever! All you have to do is check in.
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DX/Contest SIG Zoom Meeting

PCARS Contesters and DXers:
I apologize for the tardiness of this announcement. The week just got away from me.
We will be having a ZOOM DX/Contest Special Interest Group meeting tomorrow, Aug. 25. at 7PM. Since there may not be a lot to talk about other than the Ohio QSO Party, we’re hoping that we can keep it to the 40 min free limit.
So those of you who participated in the OHQSOP, I hope you join us and tell us BRIEFLY about your operation. We also will talk about next month’s possible events.
Try to be on time so that we can have our full 40 minutes to work with.
Following is the link information for the meeting:
Topic: DX / Contest SIG 1
Time: Aug 25, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 710 4211 0512
Passcode: S65qGa
73 – Chuck W8PT
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Mercer County ARC W1AW Virtual Tour on Zoom Tomorrow Tuesday August 25th

Welcome to the Mercer County Amateur Radio Club 
Meeting Tuesday (8/25) VIA Zoom:
To Join Zoom MONTHLY CLUB Meeting
Program for this meeting is a Virtual tour of ARRL station W1AW
The Zoom Elmer starts at 6 PM fellowed by the business meeting at 7 PM. Join us August 25th at 7:30 PM with Joe Garcia, NJ1Q – W1AW station manager. Joe will be our guide for a virtual tour of W1AW via Zoom.
W1AW is possibly the most famous callsign in Ham Radio.  
Meeting ID: 563 685 301
Password: 73

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2020 CQ WW Rules Updated

2020 CQ WW Rules Updated
Effective with the 2020 contest, there have been some modifications to the CQ WW rules that have been developed and approved by the WW contest committee. In summary:
New Category Nomenclature. The multi-operator category names have been changed to be more consistent with other contests. The CQ WW contest now uses Multi-Single, Multi-Two, and Multi-Multi as the standard for all logs and reporting. No other changes have been made to these categories.
Station Location. Amplifiers are now included in the previously defined 500-meter diameter circle description of station locations.
Paper Logs. Effective with the 2020 contest, paper logs will no longer be accepted for the CQ WW. Uploading logs via the Web is the only approved method for submitting a log. Logs can be uploaded at:
A complete listing of the 2020 rules has been posted at <>. Updated translations for a variety of languages are also available.
As always, if you have any questions, please submit them via our contact form at <> where you can expect to receive a response as soon as possible.
Best of luck as you prepare for the upcoming contest season in what will arguably be a strange year due to COVID-19! Best of luck and be safe!
73, John, K1AR
CQWW Contest Director”
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September PCARS Newsletter

Hello PCARS Members,
August is just about over. Plenty of hot weather to go around. September is just around the corner and that means a new issue of The RADIOGRAM is in the works.
If you have any contributions for the newsletter, please get them sent to me as soon as possible.  
How did you do in the Ohio QSO Party? Any new projects around the Radio Room? We have not had someone send in a shack shot in a while – think about that.
Deadline (as always) is the last Friday of the month at 8pm.  
Send your inputs and photos (large photos and in-focus, please) to me at so I can add it into the September newsletter. Need your inputs no later than August 28th.
Hope to hear from you soon.
73,Tom, KB8UUZ
PCARS Newsletter Editor

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Ohio QSO Party – Tomorrow

PCARS Contesters
Well this is it. Your last reminder that tomorrow the Ohio QSO Party takes place. Please review all the tips and suggestions I have forwarded to you and don’t forget to download the latest N3FJP logging software for this contest, if that is what you use normally.
Get on the air, have fun and let me know how you did. Send me your final score, BUT DON’T SEND ME YOUR LOGS. I just want to know how you all did.
73 – Chuck W8PT
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Virtual tour of ARRL station W1AW – August 25th

Be a part of MCARC
Renew your membership today
The Mercer County Amateur Radio Club
 The August 25, 2020 meeting
Mercer County Amateur Radio Club
Program for this meeting is a Virtual tour of ARRL station W1AW
The Zoom Elmer starts at 6 PM followed by the business meeting at 7 PM
Join us August 25th at 7:30 PM with Joe Carcia, NJ1Q – W1AW station manager. Joe will be our guide for a virtual tour of W1AW via Zoom. W1AW is possibly the most famous callsign in Ham Radio.
MCARC meeting using Zoom meeting. Download the App for your platform. Practice using Zoom each Thursday prior to the Thursday Net.
Thursday Net practice Zoom
Topic: Zoom Practice Session
Time: Thursdays 8:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join the Zoom Thursday Practice Session
Check your E mail for the practice meeting ID
Password: 73
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Ohio QSO Party – August 22 Noon to Midnight

PCARS Contesters:
Trying to give you every helpful bit of info for your anticipated participation in the Ohio QSO Party, here are a few more tips/suggestions!
1. Please keep 3545 KHZ, +/- 0.5 KHz open for mobiles. That way with a quick check there, including during daylight hours, any activity there ought to involve a mobile station, who may well be in a rare county.
2. For Ohio stations, don’t forget the higher bands (20 meters and up). There will be plenty of stations in more distant parts of the country (and around the world) looking for Ohio, who won’t be able to hear us on the more usual 80/40 meters. We don’t want to invite people to our party and then not make an effort to talk with them!
3. For people inside Ohio who aren’t accustomed to CQing – give it a try! People will be looking for Ohio stations. It can be quite a rush having all those folks calling you!
4. Ohio stations occasionally point your antennas south. I sometimes think the average Florida antenna support structure also out of necessity supports a flag.
5. Currently there are 73 of the 88 Ohio counties with planned activity and more plans are arriving hourly.
6. If you hear mobiles please spot them as sometimes the skimmers don’t pick them up especially on SSB.
7. Don’t forget that this year 160 m is added.
8. Many stations will move with you to other bands and modes – just ask!
9. Ohio stations, don’t forget to check 80 & 75 during the day, We have mobiles and rovers who will show up. Plus, fixed stations will CQ there when their rate slows on other bands.
10. But most important – GET ON THE AIR AND HAVE BIG FUN!
73 – Chuck W8PT
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