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A sign of the Times

Frank, W3LPL, and Tim, K3LR, jointly announced that “Due to health concerns caused by COVID-19, the W3LPL and K3LR teams have made the decision not to compete in the Multi Multi or Multi Two categories during CQWW Phone and CQWW CW for 2020.
W3LPL and K3LR have mutually come to the conclusion that we cannot take the risk of someone getting sick with the number of people involved in Multi Multi category operations.”
According to Jeff, KU8E, W3LPL has been on the air in the MM category during the CQ WW DX Contests every year but one since 1978. K3LR, since 1994.
Others have pointed out that many of the stalwart carribean multi-multi contest stations may also be dark this contest season due to travel restrictions.
From the ARRL Contest Update 9/16/20
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September Antenna SIG – CANCELLED

I will be out of town today so I am cancelling the September Antenna SIG meeting. We will reconvene next month on our regularly scheduled date.
Tony WA8AR

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PCARS Monthly Meeting This Monday September 14th

I want to remind you all that the PCARS meeting will be held Monday, September 14th At the American Legion Post 496 on Mogadore Rd in Kent. Come early and have some dinner with us! We will again be in the Underwood Hall where there is plenty of room to spread out and “social distance”. If you are personally not ready to attend in person, I invite you to participate via ZOOM. The Zoom information is as follows:
PCARS is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Join Zoom Meeting
This month’s meeting will feature Gordon West – WB6NOA – joining us via ZOOM. Gordon has been instrumental in helping new hams get engaged with the hobby. I promise you will find him an energetic and engaging speaker – so please join us!
DON’T FORGET! Purchase your 50/50 tickets on the PCARS Website – you don’t have to be present to win – everyone is eligible. Just look for the PAYPAL Button marked 50/50 tickets.
Finally, I hope you all get a chance to work Team K8IV from Punderson State Park this Saturday! We’ll be on 20 / 40 / and 80 meters – look for us on the air.
Tom wb8lcd
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November Donations for the Center of Hope

Dear Fellow PCARS members:
I hope that you are all doing OK as we approach the end of 2020. Next year can only be better, right?
I want to ask you to help like you never have before with our end of the year donation to the Center of Hope. A year like this has probably put an additional burden on them to serve our community. I am stating my goal for the PCARS donation in November to be $12,000.  I might be crazy, but I bet we could do it!
Now the easy way would be for 12 of you to respond to this email with a personal donation of $1000 each. While this is not my expectation, there may be a couple of you out there that could do this. Another easy way would be for each member of PCARS (we currently show a paid roster of 191) to donate $62.82. Same result! Maybe even something somewhere between these two scenarios. But, if it was EASY everyone would be doing it! It’s not easy, but I’ve never believed that PCARS or PCARS members were constrained to only doing what is easy. For 15 years now we have always done the EXCEPTIONAL!  We can do this too.
PCARS Officer’s are exploring ways to make our November 50/50 bigger and better than ever. Nothing should change here, except the logistics of how we hold the raffle. We would still like any help we can get to accumulate items for the raffle. We will still appreciate your purchase of many, many tickets. I know many of you make a donation to Center of Hope and I’m asking you to continue with that.
Over the past 15 years I have seen the members of PCARS dig deeper and deeper to support this worthy cause. Like me, I’m sure that many of you have dug just about to the bottom and are just about tapped out – especially in a year like 2020 has been!  But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep expanding what we do, we just need to expand how we do it. I am suggesting that we become an “aggregator” of donations for Center of Hope. What that means is, we reach further into our circle of family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers and people whom we do business with to ask them to support PCARS in our support of Center of Hope.
Two things of the utmost importance:
1. We don’t want anyone who normally supports Center of Hope to withdraw that support then make a donation through PCARS – that does not help grow the funds that Center of Hope has to use for their programs. If someone tells you that they are already supporting Center Of Hope, thank them for that, and ask that if they were able to expand their giving any that they do that through PCARS.
2. Cash donations are acceptable, but they are anonymous. If someone wants to write a check, their check needs to be payable to “Center of Hope” – not PCARS. We will give their check directly to Center of Hope as part of our collection. That happens the second week of November, so their check won’t be cashed immediately. (All checks, even your own, should be payable to the Center of Hope so that PCARS does not have to include it in our financial reporting.)
For the past 15 years, this has been something that really makes PCARS stand out in our community. I hope you’ll stand with me again this year again in this worthwhile effort.
Thank you. And 73.
Tom WB8LCD – PCARS President
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Route 66 On The Air – Sept 12-20

The Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club will sponsor its 21st “Route 66 on the Air” special event September 12 – 20, with 21 stations, each with a 1 × 1 call sign — W6A through W6U — from cities along the highway. Route 66 is famous in American history as a major highway from the midwest to the west coast and is associated with American car culture as well as with the vintage Route 66 television program in the early 1960s.
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Tonight’s FlexNet

“Please join us tonight at 8:00PM EST for the PCARS HF FlexNet on 40M SSB, 7.220 +/-. Looking forward to hearing you on the air!”
Mobile: 216-276-2000
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QRP-CW SIG Tomorrow Tuesday September 8th at 7 PM

QRP – CW SIG will meet at the clubhouse at 1900 hours, 7 P.M., and anyone coming should wear a safety COVID-19 face mask, bring their own headphones and key. The club will provide sanitizing materials for them to clean their area of operation before leaving. Period of operation will be generally from 1900 hours through 2100 hours, 7 P.M. through 9 P.M. I might stay later if the operator is working contacts.
Terry – KB8AMZ
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