Good day to all PCARS contestors. I just want to remind you that on the 24th of this month (a week from this Saturday)  we will be putting K8BF on the air in the ARRL North America QSO Party – RTTY mode.
Some of you took part in the RTTY training we had, given by George K3GP. I’m hoping that all who took the training will take part in this contest on the 24th.  It runs from 1PM on Saturday until 1AM Sunday morning.  Unless there is a whole lot of interest and activity, we will probably just set our sights on 1PM – 9PM on Saturday. It certainly will depend on propagation also.
We will run one op position but since there will be a good amount of time available, everyone that shows up will have a chance to make RTTY contacts and be part of the FUN.
So come on out and join us as we try our hand at a RTTY contest.
 73 – Chuck  W8PT