DX/Contest Special Interest Group Report

The DX/Contest SIG will take place on February 27 at 7:30PM at the Club Site. We will be discussing our recent RTTY contest and get some feed back from those that took part.  We will also be discussing the upcoming Wisconsin and Idaho QSO Parties which take place the weekend of March 11-12.

We will review the rules and do some planning so that we can once again prevail in both of these contests.  They take place the same weekend that we go from standard time to Daylight Savings time. This makes it interesting regarding log times and it means that we have to be careful regarding how we log the times of our contacts.

It’s even difficult for the sponsors of these contests.  The Wisconsin QSOP rules state that the contest will run from 1PM CDT to 8PM CDT on March 12.  It also says that it goes from 1800Z on Mar 11 to 0100Z on March 12. They want to make sure that everyone is aware of the time change.  However, since the time change does not occur until 2AM our time Sunday morning, their announcement of 1PM CDT Saturday is not correct.  1PM Saturday for both Wisc and OH is still Standard Time. So you see, it is confusing. I may even be wrong here.

In any event, if you want to take part in putting K8BF on the air during one of both of these contests, please attend the meeting. As I understand it, there will be a Field Day meeting starting at 6:30 prior to the DX SIG, so come to both and double your fun.

73 – Chuck  W8PT