Greetings PCARS members:
This coming weekend, Mar. 10-11, PCARS will be putting K8BF on the air in two QSO parties. The first is the Idaho QSO Party. This takes place starting on Saturday at 1900Z and ends on Sunday at 1900Z. (2PM Saturday until 3PM Sunday) It’s a 24 hr contest but since we change from Standard time to Daylight savings time, it appears to be a 25 hr contest.
We know that there are not a lot of amateurs stations located in Idaho, so as in years past, we only participate on Saturday. We have done well in this contest, and we want to keep the string going. We will gather starting around Noon on Saturday, so come on out and help your fellow members.
On Sunday we will participate in the Wisconsin QSO Party. It starts at 2PM local time and goes until 9PM. We again will gather at Noon at the club site. We have done very well in this contest and look forward to another good performance.
In both contests we will be entering as a a multi-multi station. This means that we will have several of our operator positions on the air so there will be ample opportunities for you to get some chair time and work the contests.
I hope to see many PCARS members take this opportunity to, not only help K8BF make a good showing, but to take advantage of our club site and get on the air.
Come on out and help us all to have Big Fun.
 73 – Chuck W8PT
​PCARS Contest Coordinator