Next week, on Thursday April 26th, it's once again Net Night at the Club Site! 
Our April net night will be a celebration of PCARS being awarded the Hamvention "Club of the Year" award.  We will order some pizzas ( any small donations would be appreciated for that),  we will have some cake and ice cream for dessert,  and there will be both soft drinks and adult beverage available.  Tom – WB8LCD will present a short presentation with some information and stories regarding the Birth of PCARS! 
Come on out and make it a PARTY!
On another topic, from your secretary, I need you to send me your Birth Year.  With our latest addition to the PCARS Constitution and By-Laws, there is a special class of life membership for members who have attained the age of 75 (and who have been a PCARS member for at least 5 consecutive years).  To accurately track that we need your full date of birth, not just the day and month as we have collected in the past.  You can send that to me at
Thanks!  Hope to see you on the 26th, and hear you on the nets.
PCARS Secretary