Hello PCARS:
​Tomorrow, Saturday, April 28, at Noon, K8BF will go on the air participating in the 2018 Florida QSO Party.  This is a two day event starting, as mentioned, at Noon on Saturday and ending at 6PM local time on Sunday.
One of the differences in this contest is that the organizers arrange for an 10 hour break between 10PM Saturday night​ until 8AM Sunday morning. That's so contesters can get some sleep.
Those of you who would like to help us make our very first splash into this contest should be at the club site around 11AM Saturday morning.
We will make sure that everyone knows the rules.  The nice thing about state QSO parties is that they are not so hectic and you can take your time making contacts.  Florida should be fairly easy for us to have good propagation from Ohio. So I'm looking for a good showing from K8BF.
Come on out even if you don't think you want to operate, but simply want to see what's going on. I bet you'll end up sitting in one of the ops chairs having BIG FUN.
See you there.

73 – Chuck  W8PT
​PCARS Contest Coordinator​