PCARS Contesters:
Here's another chance for you to work a QSO party at a somewhat leasurely pace.
We will be putting K8BF on the air in the New England QSO Party this coming weekend (May 5-6).
The contest runs from 4PM local time on Saturday until 8PM on Sunday.  But here again just as in the Florida QSO Party, we have a break to get some sleep.  So the actual operating hours are: 4PM Satuday until 1AM Sunday morning.  Then we break until 9AM  Sunday and go until 8PM Sunday evening.  This gives us time to catch some sleep.
We will be entering as a Multi-Multi, Low Power contestant.  
I have been in communication with the contest host and they say they do not get many multi-multi entries at all.  Sounds to me like a possible #1 for K8BF again.
So come on out to the club site and have BIG FUN helping K8BF reach another Number 1 spot in a contest.
We will gather at 3PM on Saturday at the club site to review rules.  See you there.
Chuck W8PT
PCARS Contest Coordinator