First, Thanks to all those who volunteered. With 15 volunteers we have a full crew ready to go and I am sure that we will get all the antennas up and operational in record time.

Everyone please meet at the picnic shelter just before 10:00 for a very brief meeting. Below is a basic outline of what we are going to do along with some notes on safety. See you all there Saturday and Thanks Again!

73 Tony WA8AR

The Basic Work Plan: The Antenna Crew needs to show up at the FD Site by 10:00am and meet at the picnic shelter. Station captains will be on site with all the equipment and tools needed for their stations. The station captains know what we will need to erect and we will follow their instructions.

I will divide the crew into teams and send them off to individual stations to help each statiton catptain erect their antenna system.

Safety Equipment: Everyone must have safety glasses (your own prescription shatter resistant glasses are okay); Gloves (have them with you); A hard hat (there will be hardware tens of feet above your heads, and a bolt falling from 30 feet will ruin your day if it hits you!); Steel toe bohots are never a bad idea if you have them. YOUR BEST Safety Equipment is between your ears, stay alert and think ahead. AND you should bring rain gear and insect repellant.