The following links will provide information on using FT-8 for catching Dxpediitons. This is a new addition to the WSJT-X package to allow these expeditions to make many more contacts using FT-8. As many as 500 per hour. However, it does require some setup. The following links will be very useful to setting up this new mode.

Click here for a manual for this new mode Please read this manual before using the new mode.

Click here for the latest WSJTX downloads and documentation You must be using version 1.9 or above for this mode.

Click here for a quick video on one FT-8 contact with KH1/KH7Z I caught this one. It was outstanding and done with my magnetic loop and 30 watts. My wife thought I had won the lottery. Unfortunately it was just an great contact.

This is a great tool to get those hard to get stations. We will talk more about this at the July meeting.

Jim, AC8NT