Thursday, July 26   6:30 – 10:30
Join me at the Club Site for "Net Night" 
We'll have some "eats" and beverages.  We'll check into the PCARS 2 meter net PLUS you'll have a chance to operate HF from the PCARS club station.
We'll be talking about the PCARS "A to Z" award, and, the previously unmentioned, and, brand new, "PCARS Club Station Worked All States Member Challenge".  We'll also talk about some other contesting opportunities where you can participate from your home station, yet still help the PCARS score!  We've also got OSPOTA coming up and we'll have some conversation about that.
So, if you want to be a Ham Radio "Operator" – come on out and join in on the discussion.  Remember, it's not really ham radio unless you got your butt in the chair and your voice on the air!
73, and hope to see you there.