The first PCARS FlexNet went fantastic, thank you to everyone who participated!! We ended with 17 check ins on 10 meters.
Next month’s net will be on May 8th at 8pm on 40 meters. Most likely around 7.185 mHz. A final announcement will come out closer to the net.
For those of you that participated in the net, the PCARS Squirrel Buro will be at the clubsite by next week’s SIG for you to drop off your QSL cards and to pick up any cards that may be waiting for you. The Buro box is a black file box with a Black Squirrel holding a QSL card on it. You can’t miss it. Cards are to be organized alphabetically by the last letter of your call. (Ex- my call is N8XTH, so, any cards addressed to me go in the “H” folder.) Just a reminder, the times should be in UTC not Eastern/Local time.
Thanks again for participating and we’re already looking forward to next month’s net.
Deron, N8XTH