Welcome to my Dayton Hamvention 2019 QST!
I hope that I will get to see a whole bunch of PCARS members in Dayton this year. This is the “Show of all Shows” – and it’s right in our own backyard! You’ve got to get there, for the whole weekend, or just a day. It doesn’t matter – JUST GET THERE! It will change your whole outlook on Ham Radio.
I will be there (along with Chuck – W8PT), checking in on Thursday night. Dinner for us on Thursday will be at The Dublin Pub – 300 Wayne Ave. Dayton, OH 45410. If you’d like to join us, give me a call (330-554-4650) and I’ll let them know you’re coming!
Friday morning I hope to be there when the doors open, I’ll be headed straight for the ARRL booth (it’s in Main Building #2) to make all my ARRL purchases. Saving on the shipping costs is well worth it, and they do sell out of stuff early (especially Field Day Shirts). If you’re there Friday, I would also suggest the Carol Perry Instructor’s Forum from 10:30 to 11:30 AM. After that, I’m sure you’ll find me wandering around somewhere, wishing I could take it all home with me!
Saturday morning my tradition is Bloody Mary’s in the parking lot – somewhere between 7:30 and 8:30 AM. Once again, give me a call, I’ll accommodate as many as I can!
After that, it’s off to the Carol Perry Youth Forum (9:15 – 12:00). Lots of good presentations planned here, check them out!
The ANNUAL PCARS GROUP PHOTO will be at 2:00 PM on Saturday! Please, don’t be late – photos will be snapped at 2:00PM SHARP! You can find us in the bleachers between Main Buildings 2 and 3. After all the rain we’ve had already, I’m expecting a beautiful weekend at Hamvention! If you cannot be there for our group photo, get someone
to take a photo (or 4) of you there, and email them to me at ( tomsly29@gmail.com ). I’ll try to come up with a group photo in “collage” form. If you see someone from PCARS there, take their photo and send it to me, just in case!
One last thing I want to mention: At our May meeting, our speaker will be Jim Storms AB8YK. Jim will be talking about the Youth DX Adventure program. PCARS will be making a donation to this years trip, however, if you are able, I would ask you to make a personal donation – you can either give it to Jim at our meeting, or, you can present it to them at their Hamvention booth. Whatever the amount, it will be money well spent for the future of Amateur Radio!
73, and I’ll be looking for you at Hamvention.