Some important Field Day news!
  1. The Field Day Team has reschedule Antenna Day for June 1.
  2. Field Day Dinner (the Saturday night of Field Day) is free for all paid up members. If you bring a guest, the cost is $5. It will be catered and we must have a solid count of those who plan to attend. If you are planning to eat, you need to contact Paul Hyland at and let him know how many will be there including guests. You must let him know how many in your party will be at supper by no later than June 1st.
  3. Breakfast Sunday will also be catered and will cost everyone that eats $2. Again you need to let Paul know how many will be eating breakfast by June 1st.
  4. Make arrangements with Paul about payment for meals.
  5. There is a donation button on our website that allows you to donate to the Field Day Fund. Please consider a donation, no matter the size. If everyone in the club donated just a little it would cover our expenses for this great event.