Attention PCARS Contesters:
On August 24, PCARS Black Squirrel Contest Group will be putting K8BF on the air in the Ohio QSO Party. The contest begins at Noon and runs until Midnight. We will be running as Multi-Multi in this 12 hr contest.
Our plan is to put all four operating positions on the air with a mix of SSB and CW. So we certainly need those members that have CW expertise to show up as well as all you phone ops. This is the one of the few contests where we being in Ohio, will be sought out, not only by other Ohio stations, but also by those working the contest from other states and countries.
In case you are wondering about the Black Squirrel Contest Group, it’s made up of those ops who have been regularly coming and operating in our contest efforts. So if you have been doing that, then you are a member of the team. But that does not mean that those who would be coming for the first time, would be excluded from operating. NO WAY! We need as many ops as we can get to fill the seats for all 12 hours. So come on out and become a PCARS BSCG member by helping to put K8BF on the air again.
I’d like the contesters to show up at least by 11AM so we can review the rules one more time. And if you are going to operate, let me know so that I can get an idea of how many ops will attend.
By the way, there will be some kind of food operation going on. Oh ya, the OHQP BBQ! Just another reason to come out to the club site and hobnob with your fellow PCARS members.
All this BIG FUN and it’s FREE!!
73 – Chuck W8PT