1. Tonight August 22nd is Net Night at the Club. Stop by and have a little fun with your fellow hams. Fun will start at 6:30 and will run till 10:30. Kick into the fund and we will have pizza.
  2. This Saturday August 24 is our annual OhioBBQSO party. This is open to all club members and their families. If you want to operate, please plan to be at the club about 11 AM so you can review the rules and procedures for the contest with Chuck. Mike and Gene will start cooking about 3 PM. We will be having burgers and brats. Please bring a side dish to share if you can.
  3. During the storms of last week, we lost our 40 meter dipole. This is a very important piece of gear. The club will be replacing this antenna as soon as possible. Building the antenna is one issue. We will need a team to get it installed. The work is basically keeping the 80 and NVIS 40 from getting tangled up the trees, guy wires and other objects around the building as we drop the ring supporting these antennas from the tower. Obviously this also applies to raising the ring. Watch for a QST about this work. WE WILL NEED ABOUT 6 TO FINISH THIS PROJECT.
  4. Last, Remember the end of the month is coming. Parky will be asking for your articles and pictures. I am trying to get mine done a little to make it easier for our award winning editor to get his job done. So get your stuff to Parky sooner rather than later.
Looking forward to seeing you at these great events.
Jim, AC8NT