Attention PCARS Members:
A group of Hams will be putting the submarine, USS Requin, on the air this Thursday. Here’s the info if you are interested in working them on CW.
John K3WWP and Mike KC2EGL (and ?) will be doing another subpedition on the USS Requin on Thursday October 24 starting around 1400Z and going for 3 or 4 hours depending on conditions.
We can only operate one band at a time on the Requin since it has only a
single vertical antenna, and which band will depend on conditions at the
time. Look for us using the sub’s call NY3EC around 7040.5 and 14060.5.
Let’s hope conditions are good and we can make a lot of contacts.
If you do work us and want a QSL card, QSL to the NY3EC address in QRZ.
Any questions? Ask.
John K3WWP – 100% CW / QRP – Proudly promoting Morse Code:
73 – Chuck W8PT