After dinner on December 9th,  we will have the PCARS gift exchange! Please bring a ten-dollar gift and mark it for a HAM or a NON-HAM. (Non-ham gifts should be gender neutral.)

If you are bringing children, please bring a special gift for your own children, and mark the child’s name on the gift so we can make sure it gets to him or her.

There will be a table with two baskets, one labeled “HAM” and the other labeled “NON-HAM” with slips of paper in the front of them.

Put your gift on the table, pick up a slip of paper, write your callsign and deposit in the “HAM” basket if you brought a ham gift, or, write your name on it and deposit it in the “NON-HAM” basket if you brought a non-ham gift.

PLEASE: do not deposit a slip if you did not bring a gift for the EXCHANGE!
Mark your calendars, make your reservation, and I’ll see you there!
73, Tom WB8LCD