For those of you who attended the November PCARS meeting, Thank You! Just with the clubs portion of the 50/50, you added $1001 to our Center of Hope Donation! (For those of you who wonder, that means the winners portion of the 50/50 was also $1001. I’m not certain, but that may be a PCARS record!) Although the PAYPAL button has already disappeared, there is still time (but not much) for you to make a donation to the Center of Hope. Contact me directly and we’ll make arrangements to get your donation added in.
There were lots of FANTASTIC prizes given away, and a lot of club members went home with some really good stuff. The other “prize” given away was the ARRL Knight Award presented to Scott – N8SY. Congratulations Scott on your well deserved recognition!
Next up is the Christmas dinner meeting. Check out the website and/or the upcoming issue of the Radiogram for all the information on making your reservation.
Thank you all, 73,