This announcement is kind of last minute, but….
The WPA Chapter will be operating in its annual day before Thanksgiving outing from the USS Requin in Pittsburgh. Details follow.
Time: Approximately from 1500-1800Z or as long as activity warrants.
Call: NY3EC (NYEC was the sub call when it was in active service, hence the similar ham call).
Frequencies (one at a time depending on activity) 7041, 14061 (we’ve
experienced some local QRN near there, so 14031 as an alternative), 10117. All +/- QRM so tune around a bit if we’re not right on frequency.
QSL: via the NY3EC address in for a beautiful picture card of the sub.
Operators: K3WWP and KC2EGL and ???
As you know, conditions are not that great this close to the sunspot minimum with a lot of QSB, so if you don’t hear us right away, try again a little later. We’ll probably be mostly on 40 unless there are good openings on 20. If neither are good we will try 30.
If you hear and work us, we’d appreciate you posting our activity on one of the various spotters on the Internet.
Hope to work you tomorrow.
* John K3WWP – 100% CW / QRP – Proudly promoting Morse Code: