I bet you’re getting tired of seeing COVID-19 notices! I sure am.
PCARS has a VE session this coming Wednesday (03/18) 7:00PM at the clubsite. Unless we are hit with further restrictions, THIS PCARS EVENT WILL BE HELD AS SCHEDULED!
After the VE session, ALL “in person” PCARS events WILL BE CANCELLED until further notice. This will include the power pole build on Saturday, all Special Interest Groups, Net Night at the Clubsite, the April 4th VE Session, the April 6th Officer’s Meeting, and, most probably, the April 13th General club meeting.
Here’s the good news!
The Power Pole build will be rescheduled. The PCARS Thursday night 2 meter net will continue as usual. We will be very quickly adding some additional operating activities and other programming via Skype, Facebook and other virtual venues. Stay Tuned.
In the meantime, I will act as a contact point for all things PCARS. I will keep you up to date via QST’s, the PCARS Facebook page and the PCARS Group. If you are a PCARS member or Friend who needs assistance in any way, contact me directly via my personal email ( tomsly29@gmail.com ) and I will attempt to get any help for you that may be available from other PCARS members.
Stay home wherever and whenever possible. Be Safe. This will soon pass.
In the meantime, I’ll keep you posted.