Hello PCARS Contesters:
This coming weekend, March 28-29, the CQ WW WPX Contest, SSB mode will be held. Since all of us are housebound by the Governor’s order, this would be a great time to get on the air and see what you can do from your own QTH.
Please go to the contest website (Google CQ WW WPX Contest) and read the rules. Get on the air for the full time or any part of it. It runs from 0000Z on the 28th until 2400Z on the 29th. You will use your own call sign.
When you have completed your participation and the contest is over, submit your Cabrillo log file per instructions and DO NOT FORGET to indicate your club affiliation as Portage County Amateur Radio Service. A plaque is awarded each year to the club that has the highest aggregate score from logs submitted by its members. To be listed in the results, a minimum of four logs must be received from a club.
One other thing, participation is limited to club members residing and operating within a 250 mile radius circle from the center of club area.
Let’s see if we can post a really good score. And let’s see if, by doing this, we can expand our contesting participation.
73 – Chuck W8PT