Tomorrow, Thursday 3/26, there WILL BE a weekly 2 meter net! Josh – K8YLK – will be our net control op. We had 27 check-ins last week, if you haven’t been on the net in awhile please check in, lets give Josh a BIG Number!
More good news! On Monday April 13, 2020 we WILL HAVE a PCARS meeting! And you won’t have to leave your house to attend. This will be our first “Virtual Meeting” and will be held on the ZOOM platform. Very easy to use and participate. As we get a little closer I will send you all the information you’ll need to get logged in. BOTH Jim Storms – AB8YK and Michael Kalter – W8CI will attend online as our featured speakers to talk about the David Kalter Memorial Youth DX Adventure program. You won’t want to miss it.
A big “Thank YOU” to Amy – KD8SKL for taking over as our social media chairperson. If you haven’t taken a look at the PCARS Facebook Page lately – check it out! Amy has already made some serious updates and changes to the page to make it current.
This weekend is the CQ WWPX contest! I hope you’ll all get a chance to participate in it. Next week I’ll be rolling out some PCARS “Stay at Home” operating activities. These will be events that last as long as the quarantine does (or until I declare them over) and there will be PRIZES for the winners! Stay tuned.
One last “housekeeping” item. Not knowing what goes on around our clubsite in this extended quarantine period, I have made sure that the hasp has been secured on the door leading to the bathroom, and on the door between bays 2 and 3. I have also removed the key from the outside lockbox. I want to do everything possible to keep our clubsite safe from intruders. If, for some reason you need to gain access to the clubsite, contact me directly and I will make sure arrangements are made to get you in.
That’s all for now – Hope to hear you on tomorrow’s net!
PCARS President