I wanted to get this out to everyone so there is some idea of what we are expecting for Field Day this year. There are really only 3 options open to us. The 3rd is to “do nothing” and that is NOT an option that will be exercised! That just wouldn’t be the PCARS way.
The first option goes beyond our own control, but, we have to be prepared for it. That would be a “normal” style Field Day operation from Freedom Park. “Normal” would be anything but as we would have our own restrictions and rules as to how we would run our operation with safeguards to protect the participants from any exposure to Bad Bugs. The part that gets beyond our control is our ability to use the park for our operation. Rick – K8CAV – contacted them and this was the response: “Spoke to John Ziska, Freedom Township Trustee this afternoon regarding the park availability. He commented that as long as the State lifted the restriction on gatherings of more than ten people (currently still in place and will not change during gradual reopening starting May 1st). that they would be OK with PCARS having Field Day there.” That requirement is a “Gate Keeper” as to whether or not we can use the park. So, if even at the last minute, the state lifts the restriction on gatherings of more than 10 people, we will be on for Field Day at the Park! While I would hope this would happen (sooner than later) and I want us to be ready to move on it, I am not expecting it to happen. (I have no inside information – just my own feeling)
That brings us up to the final option, and the one I believe is the most probable: We create our own set of rules for PCARS to participate, with any and all members who want to participate, doing so from their own station. Our goal here would be have as many PCARS members as possible getting as many QSO points as possible. We would “aggregate” those points for a “claimed” PCARS score, we would use them for a PCARS members contest, and each individual station could enter his own score to the ARRL. We would also submit our “Aggregated” score for PCARS knowing that it would not qualify per the existing rules, but would set us apart as a group that does not accept artificial limitations on the BIG FUN that FD has to offer! We are putting together some ideas for bonus points for both the individual station and the PCARS score for the bonus categories, but that is not yet decided. If you have any ideas – send them to me! ( president@portcars.org )
Now, don’t forget to check into the PCARS net tonight! 8:00PM on the K8IV repeater. Hope to hear you there – and I’ll be ready to take FD comments and suggestions. Ed – K8IV will be our NCS this evening – let’s give him a big night!
73 all, stay safe,