Tomorrow night at 8:00PM is the weekly PCARS 2 meter net on the K8IV repeater. (146.895 Mhz, PL 118.8hz; or via Echolink on the K8SRR Echolink node) I know that many of you are finishing up our 7th night to qualify for the PCARS 2020 Corona Virus net check in award – Don’t miss it! And don’t forget, 3 more consecutive check in’s could win you a 2nd Award!
We’ve had some pretty good nets lately, let’s finish up this series with a BIG one! We’ve already hit 50+, could we hit 75? Could we hit 100? (Remember: for a check in to actually count, you must actually check in. “Check in my sister in Milwaukee” isn’t adequate for a real “check in”. So, let everybody know – get on the air (or echolink) and get checked in for real! Lots to talk about this week.
Hope to hear you on the net, 73,
Tom wb8lcd