The Trustees at Freedom Township have told us that we are welcome to participate at the park – PROVIDING that the Governor removes the restrictions on large gatherings – which he has not done yet. As long as he removes the restriction on or before June 18th, we will set up and operate at the park. If the park is not available to us for that reason, PCARS member Ron – W8AHC has offered us a very usable space on his farm located on Chamberlain Rd. in Mantua. Up to, and until we hear that Freedom Park is available to us, the plan is to set up and operate from Ron’s.
This operation will be anything BUT a “normal” Field Day operation. Every precaution will be taken to keep all participants safe. This will not be the “Social” event that it has been in the past as we will limit on-site participation to the set-up and tear-down crews and those who are actually operating the stations. Many other “safeguards” will also be instituted and I will get the entire list out to you shortly. You will also be hearing from our Field Day Captain Tony – WA8AR, the station captains, the set-up / tear-down crews and the power team. There will be a position for everyone who wants to participate, but once your task is completed we will expect you to leave the site.
My final comment is this: We know that these are “extraordinary” times. We are committed to extraordinary efforts to keep our members safe. I personally want everyone to know, if you do not feel comfortable participating, please do not feel any obligation to do so. No-one will be thought of in a negative way for being concerned for their own safety and/or the safety of their family.
A lot more information will be coming shortly, but I wanted you all to know that the PCARS Officers are working to make this happen. A lot could, and probably will change between now and then. We will respond and make changes to our planning as necessary.
73, I hope to hear you on the NET tonight,