Tim Duffy K3LR has cordially invited PCARS club members to attend the MCARC (Mercer County Amateur Radio Club) June meeting using Zoom. The meeting will be held Tuesday, June 23rd at 6:00 PM. The presentation will start at 7:15 PM. Zoom links to follow.
The presentation will be a conversation with
Angel WP3R Vazquez, Jr.
Just a few lines explaining my QSL card . This picture was actually taken during the filming of “Contact” the movie, of which I and a few other staff members, had a lot of fun helping out, and me personally giving Jodie Foster the tour! The QSL card shows the “platform” suspended 500 feet in the air from three towers, majestically above 1000 feet of spherical aluminum dish below, yes it’s spherical not parabolic. The rotating “azimuth arm” houses two antenna systems, the Gregorian Dome and what we call the Carriage House, that “houses” the 70cm feed that we used for Moon bounce in April 2010 (August 2010 QST). The Dome and Carriage House move in elevation (20 degrees from vertical) along a track on it’s underside. This “azimuth arm” in turn rotates (720 degrees) around the circular track on the “triangle”.
I do work at the Radio-Telescope and have been since 1977. I’m currently Head of Telescope Operations, RFI & Spectrum Manager, and in my “spare time”, I’ll do the floors and windows! Hi Hi. It’s a great place to work, especially if you’re a ham. Our Moonbounce effort and other special events are real proof of that!
If you’re palnning to be in Puerto Rico please look us up (at least a week in advance). There are quite a few hams at the site and if you like golf, maybe we can play a round or two!
Hope to work you on the bands or in an upcoming contest!
Vy 73 es GL, Angel – WP3R