Reminder: Field Day Entries must be postmarked or submitted by Tuesday July 28, 2020. Late entries cannot be accepted.

So far 16 people sent in their logs and put “Portage County Amateur Radio Service” as their club name.  If you have not sent in your log, you still have a bit of time to do it!




K3GP Pending documents 1D
K8CAV Complete 1D
K8IV Complete 1E
K8SRR Complete 1D
K8YLK Complete 1D
KA8TOA Complete 1D
KB8TUY Complete 1D
KB8UHN Complete 1B1
KB8ZWT Complete 1D
KD8CGH Complete 1B1B
KE8BWA Complete 1D
KE8MWD Complete 1D
N8GIE Complete 1D
N8QE Complete 1E
N8QZ Complete 1E
N8WCP Complete 1B1