PCARS Contesters:
Trying to give you every helpful bit of info for your anticipated participation in the Ohio QSO Party, here are a few more tips/suggestions!
1. Please keep 3545 KHZ, +/- 0.5 KHz open for mobiles. That way with a quick check there, including during daylight hours, any activity there ought to involve a mobile station, who may well be in a rare county.
2. For Ohio stations, don’t forget the higher bands (20 meters and up). There will be plenty of stations in more distant parts of the country (and around the world) looking for Ohio, who won’t be able to hear us on the more usual 80/40 meters. We don’t want to invite people to our party and then not make an effort to talk with them!
3. For people inside Ohio who aren’t accustomed to CQing – give it a try! People will be looking for Ohio stations. It can be quite a rush having all those folks calling you!
4. Ohio stations occasionally point your antennas south. I sometimes think the average Florida antenna support structure also out of necessity supports a flag.
5. Currently there are 73 of the 88 Ohio counties with planned activity and more plans are arriving hourly.
6. If you hear mobiles please spot them as sometimes the skimmers don’t pick them up especially on SSB.
7. Don’t forget that this year 160 m is added.
8. Many stations will move with you to other bands and modes – just ask!
9. Ohio stations, don’t forget to check 80 & 75 during the day, We have mobiles and rovers who will show up. Plus, fixed stations will CQ there when their rate slows on other bands.
10. But most important – GET ON THE AIR AND HAVE BIG FUN!
73 – Chuck W8PT