Special Edition of “Dale’s Tales” and Candidate Statement
Dale Williams WA8EFK Great Lakes Division Director
Candidate for Great Lakes Division Director, 2021-2024 Term, representing the ARRL Members in Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan.
In the 58 years I have been licensed, amateur radio has played a vitally important part in my career. From my early experience as an electronics tech, service in Vietnam with the Army Signal Corps and later in my business career, the lifelong friends I have made and wonderful relationships that came about were largely and directly impacted by ham radio.
I am currently an Amateur Extra, operating 160 Meters through 450 MHz at home and mobile. I consider myself a “casual DXer” and am currently enjoying operating several of our new digital modes and am heavily involved with our local ARES team.
My ARRL experience includes service in the following positions:
Assistant EC
Section EC
Section Manager
Vice Director
Programs and Services (Chair)
Ethics and Elections (Chair)
Public Service Enhancement Working Group (PSEWG) (Chair) ARRL Executive Committee
ARRL Foundation Board
HF Band Planning Committee New CEO Selection Committee
During my tenure with the PSEWG we developed the necessary upgrades to the ARES, brining it in alignment with the needs of our served partner agencies. I also introduced the changes to the Field Card Checker program allowing more checkers to be available in strategic locations and adding those willing to travel to hamfests and conventions.
My membership in several organizations and community agencies allows me to draw on that experience to bring additional expertise my leadership position at ARRL.
Veteran, US Army, 362 Signal Company. Viet Nam. Troposcatter systems operations and maintenance
State of Michigan Antenna Advisory Committee – Member
Michigan Association of Planning – Member
Historic Vehicle Association – Member
Monroe County Library System, Health Care VEBA Trust – Chairman
Detroit / SE Michigan UASI Communications Interoperability Committee – Monroe County Representative
Monroe County Local Emergency Planning Committee / Local Planning Team – Member Lake Erie Transportation Commission – Member
Dundee Village Planning Commission – Chairman
Monroe County Radio Communications Assn. – Member
River Raisin Repeater Assn. – Trustee
Monroe County Amateur Radio Public Service Corps – ARES Assistant E. C.
I truly believe ARRL represents what is the best in ham radio and our members are the reason ARRL has such a strong history. As you know, I have worked diligently to be accessible to you and that promise remains solidly in place. I have heard from you that the challenges we face
in the near term include protection from oppressive antenna restrictions, the
making of a more viable NTS, making both basic and more advanced training available for all amateurs and developing services for our ARRL Affiliated radio clubs.
My experience and time cooperating and collaborating with my fellow Directors will permit me to see that ARRL leadership is proactive in resolving the concerns of Great Lakes Division ARRL members.
Thanks and 73