Our PCARS December dinner meeting was cancelled due to COVID. As I thought about the year coming to an end I realized that 2020 was our 15th Anniversary and other than our Special Event operations we were really not able to give it the celebration it needed. We still can’t give it what it deserves, but we have to do something!
Please join me Monday December 14th at 7:00PM. This will be a ZOOM ONLY meeting! The following link is your personal invitation to participate:
Join Zoom Meeting
I hope you’ll join me. I have 3 President’s Awards to present for 2020. Mostly I’ll make the announcement, then present the awards soon after and have some photos for the newsletter. I’ll add to that a little bit of PCARS history and some suggestions for the future. I’m looking forward to the next 15 years of PCARS and hoping for no repeats of 2020.
And, I know you all have probably heard this just a little too much, and now it’s aimed at a relatively few of you, but it’s still important for me to bang this drum one more time:
If you have not yet renewed your PCARS membership – please do it before the end of the month. If for some reason you have chosen not to renew, or are unable to renew, please let me know.
73, see you all Monday!
Tom – WB8LCD  PCARS President (for just a little while longer!)