Hello everyone! Are you ready?? This Saturday, January 9, is the Ohio ARES VHF Simplex Contest!
The contest starts at 10AM and runs to 4PM- it’s designed as a fun activity to test your “reach” for a time when you may need to contact simplex stations in a power-down emergency. Operating is laid-back and fun!
Rules and schedules are posted on ohsimplex.org, where Jason has the rules, score submission, and tips all set up!
To answer a couple questions:
  • We’re not looking for digital-voice simplex as a separate category. First, there isn’t that much DMR/Fusion/D-Star simplex and it probably wouldn’t be your go-to mode in a disaster. Second, it’s FM… so if you do happen to try a digital mode simplex, count the contacts as FM.
  • The county total is just that- how many counties did your station contact? It is NOT on a per-band basis, it’s the total count including all your stations/modes operated. Again, we’re motivated to determine your overall simplex footprint.
  • EOC is defined the same way as the Field Day rules. If you’re operating from an emergency mobile vehicle (Command bus, trailer) that’s used in conjunction with an EMA/EOC operation, you can claim that to be an EOC especially this year with most EOC entry limited or nonexistent.
  • You do not have to be a member of ARES to participate, all hams are welcome! In a disaster, we will probably need all hands on deck, so it’s great practice for everyone.
  • It appears we will not be able to operate “The Sarge”, W8SGT, from the Ohio EOC this year. Sorry!
The complete rules are on ohsimplex.org. Take a look, and register your operation/county so we can all listen for you!
I hope to hear you- and I hope you have a great time Saturday!
-Stan, N8BHL