I hope you'll join us on the PCARS weekly 2 meter net, this evening at 8:00PM.  Jim – KC8PD will be our NCS tonight, on the K8IV repeater.  146.895 Mhz, with a PL of either 110.9 or 118.8.
Also, at 9:30 this evening, those of you who have been learning the morse code in the QRP/CW SIG, we will have an "on air" code practice session.  It will take place on the repeater (as above).  Once we get through learning the complete alphabet (we're about half way there) it will become a code practice session alternating between slow and fast code.  This will continue on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month.  Well, with one immediate exception – I'll be in CA again on the 27th of April, so we'll defer that to the second Thurs in May.
The code practice / learning is open to everyone!  You don't have to be involved in the SIG to take advantage of this.
Tom wb8lcd