For those of you who are interested in the WWFF (World Wide Flora and Fauna), here are some activities that will be going on this month.
  ONFF-XXXX — By ON5SWA/P; July 18th, between 0630-1430z;
               0630-1030z from ONFF-0049 Bassegembos in JO10RT (8573 Anzegem)
               1200-1430z from ON/ON-027 Pottelberg and ONFF-0318 Pottelbergbos
                          in JO10US (7880 Vloesberg)
  EAFF-0183 — By EA2/DL2DXA/p; July 18th, between 0900-1200z, from Murugil
               SOTA EA2/SS-036; later in the afternoon any lighthouse on
               the coast
  VKFF-0129 — By VK4JAZ/P; July 18-19th; D Aguilar National Park; on 7032
               kHz CW; Also 14062 kHz CW and 146.5 FM; Late morning
  VKFF-1594 — By VK4SMA/P; July 19th, between 0300-0700z; Moggill Con-
               servation Park; on 7144 kHz SSB
  EAFF-0179 — By EA2/DL2DXA/p; Julyu 20th, between 0900-1100z (time aprox);
               from Areetza SOTA EA2/SS-010; later in the afternoon; also
               EAFF-0178 possible; Please listen carefully for Reference No.
  VKFF-1382 — By VK2JNG/P; July 20-21st; from Trinkey Coordinated Con-
               servation Area; on 7144 kHz SSB; Noon or earlier, weather
  ONFF Summer Activation 2017 — On July 21st; several ON stations from
               the KOTA group will activate different ONFF references on
               the National Day of Belgium. Special Award will be available
               via WWFF; LogSearch ON5SWA/P ONFF-0544 OT4V/P ONFF-0647 +
  VKFF-0610 — By VK2JNG/P; July 21st; between 0300-0700z; from Tinkra-
               meanah Coordinated Conservation Area; on 7144 kHz SSB at
               1:00pm LT. This is a N/P, not a conservation area
  VKFF-0588 — By VK2JNG/P; July 21-22nd; from Garrawilla Coordinated
               Conservation Area; on 7144 kHz SSB at 10:30am LT, this is
               a N/P, not a conservation area
  VKFF-1197 — By VK2JNG/P; July 22nd; from the Rocky Glen Coordinated
               Conservation Area; on 7144 kHz SSB at 1:30pm LT; This is
               a N/P not a conservation area
  VKFF-1307 — By VK2JNG/P; July 22-23rd; from Cooleburba State Conser-
               vation Area; on 7144 kHz SSB, starting around 11:00am LT.
  GxFF National Parks Week — July 24-30th; There will be awards, more
               info later
  ONFF-0648 — By ON5SWA/P; July 24th; between 0630-1230z; NEW ONE; Rosdel
               Mene Jordaan
  EAFF-0081 — By EA1/DL2DXA/p; July 24th; between 0900-1200z
  VKFF-0607 — By VK2JNG/P; between July 24-25th; Somerton Coordinated
               Conservation Area; on 7144 kHz SSB 11:00am; This is a N/P,
               not a conservation area

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