The following is forwarded from the WSJT-X development group.  I strongly recommend you use this release.  It addresses many issues users have found.

Jim, AC8NT

The WSJT Development Group is pleased to announce a second candidate 
release of WSJT-X Version 1.8.0. Once again this is a beta release.
Most changes since the “RC1” release candidate are related to the FT8 
mode, and most new features have already been tested in the field by 
several hundred users.

Implementation of FT8 and its auto-sequencing feature is now more 
capable and more polished. The decoder is faster and better: it now 
includes signal subtraction, multi-pass decoding, and the use of 
accumulated “a priori” information as a QSO progresses. Sensitivity 
extends downward as far as -24 dB in some circumstances. Overlapping 
signals 2 and 3 deep are frequently decoded at essentially the same 
frequency. On a crowded band we sometimes see more than 30 decodes in a 
single 15-second interval, over a 2 kHz window. The North American VHF 
Contesting Mode has been extended to include both FT8 and MSK144 modes.

The “RC2” release also includes many minor bug fixes and an extensively 
updated WSJT-X User Guide.

We strongly recommend that all WSJT-X users should upgrade to this new 

Go to the WSJT web site here:
and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a link to the 
installation package for your Windows, Linux, or OS X system. You can 
also download the packages from our SourceForge site:

Depending on what code revision you upgrade from, it may be necessary to 
do a one-time reset of the default list of suggested operating 
frequencies. Go to *File->Settings->Frequencies*, right click on the 
table and select *Reset*.

Please report any problems you find with this all-but-final beta release 
to one of these email lists: . For both lists you will need to be a 
subscriber in order to post there.

— 73, Joe, K1JT, for the WSJT Development Group