Starting tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 7) and continuing until Sunday, Oct. 8.,  K8BF will be on the air participating in the California QSO Party. If you are planning to operate during this event, then plan to be at the club site at 10AM.  We will briefly review the rules for this contest and do a final check on the 4 op positions to make sure all is ready.
The contest runs from 12Noon on Saturday til 6PM on Sunday.
Various members, too numerous to mention but you know who you are, have made sure that this will be another successful event for PCARS by making sure the logging program, rigs, antennas, and other vital equipment are poised to give us every opportunity to finish first in the out of state low power-multi-multi category.
Hope to see many PCARS members and friends of PCARS during these next 2 days. Come on out and have some fun with your fellow HAMS.  

 73 – Chuck  W8PT