Portage County Family & Community Services Donations

Every November PCARS collects donations for Portage County Family & Community Services and each year we have done a great job with that collection.  As Vice President, I urge everyone to consider making a donation.  Contributions can be made by check made out to Portage County Family & Community Services.  Amy Leggiero (KD8SKL) club treasurer will collect all the donations.  We will then make a presentation to Family Services.  Every dollar of this money goes directly to the people that need the help.  100% is used to help.  It is seldom that all your donation goes directly to those in need.  As with every November, all club proceeds from the 50/50 will also be a contribution.   Our November 50/50 will have a lot of really good items (very few Harbor Freight specials) for winners.  We make this 50/50 real special. This is a great time to buy a lot of tickets. Also remember this organization is our landlord and we get an amazing deal on the rent that includes all utilities.  So please consider a contribution.

Extra Class Electronics Class

As some of you know, I will be holding an Extra Class electronics course starting in January.  This will be much more than a series of presentations focused on passing a test.  It will cover a wide area of ham radio electronics.  We will also be using laboratory experiments and kits to demonstrate these topics.  This should allow you to learn by doing.  Labs will include building amplifiers, experimenting with VFO design, antennas matching and design, use of test equipment,  use of simple microcontrollers in the ham shack and much more.  Because of the labs, it is very important that I know how many will be attending.  Please let me know if you are interested.  For those that have already sent me an email THANKS.  If you haven’t please let me know as soon as possible.  Use the following email address to contact me (jawilson@j3solutions.com).  As an additional note, this class is open to all license classes.

October Meeting Presentation

Our presentation will be on loop antennas.  How they are built, how they work and some of the experiences Frank Tompkins ( W8EZT) and I have had.  It should provide some very useful information.  Please come out to the meeting and enjoy the company and fellowship of your fellow hams.

Club Clean-Up

I want to thank all of those who showed up for the clean-up day.  The club looks a lot better both on the inside and on the outside.  The crew did a great job of cutting down a lot of weeds and brush, as well as, cleaning all the inside areas club areas.  THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!

Open House

Remember we are having an Open House and Picnic on Saturday October 14th.  The fun will start about 11 and will include burgers and brats. I would like to see as many members as possible come and take a look at the club.  Lots of changes have been made during the last year and I know you will be happy with the changes.  If you know of someone interested in ham radio, bring them along.  We are fortunate to have a great club site and would love to show it off.  Come see the club and have some fun.

Well that is enough.  Lots of fun stuff coming.

Jim, AC8NT