Hello to all PCARS contestors (no matter how I spell it, the program says it's wrong):
This Saturday we will be doing some RTTY training for the upcoming ARRL NAQP RTTY contest that takes place in February. 
George, K3GP, will be doing the heavy lifting here as I will also be a trainee.  We will gather at the club site at 9AM where George will have a crib sheet for all who want to get trained in the mode we call radio teletype or RTTY for short. He will review all, give us a demonstration and then let us get our feet wet.
We will be taking turns, once we get trained,  making contacts in the BARTG RTTY Sprint contest that will be taking place this Saturday. No, we will not be participating in the contest as such but only using it as a training device.
We will also be using a new logging program for most of us – N1MM.  So for those who would like to see how this popular program works, here's your chance.
So it's a twofer:  RTTY and N1MM.  I hope to see a lot of you this Saturday.

 73 – Chuck  W8PT