Freeze Your Acorns Off

We did it again!

Each year, Several PCARS members gather on a cold Saturday in February to thumb their noses at mother nature. This year was no different.
5 stations were set up outdoors at Fred Fuller park in Kent Ohio. Several QRP contacts were made, and boy, did we have fun!
Our purpose for this insanity? To have fun, and to prove that we are all lunatics! We’ve had as much as a foot of snow on the ground during this event, but even that isn’t enough to deter these intrepid souls from their task of making as many QRP QSOs as possible while trying not to freeze there extremities off.
FYAO 2017 was one of the warmest on record, and we had one of our best attendnces ever. As usual, there was enough food for a small army. No one, and I mean NO ONE ever has any excuse for going away hungry.
We will post the wrap-up as soon as possible, but for now, enjoy these pictures from “Freeze Your Acorns Off 2017”. See you next year!

Pictures from FYAO 2017

Congratulations to Parky, KB8UUZ. His FYAO 2012 video has won the Ham Nation Monthly contest for show #128!



Did you contact K8BF? – A beautiful color (suitable for framing) 8″ x 10″ certificate will be available if you contact K8BF and send your QSL with a large SASE to the club call trustee:

Bob Hewett, K8FEY
3670 Sea Ray Cove
Reminderville, OH 44202