3905 Century Club Eyeball & Visit to PCARS

Greeting PCARS members!

I’m sure you saw the articles in the latest Radiogram issues, that I will be hosting the 2022 3905 Century Club Eyeball at the Brimfield Community Center on July 28-31. We are expecting 55+ Century Club members to attend. Most of the festivities are open and free to all amateurs, ESPECIALLY PCARS members!

You can see the complete info at https://www.3905ccn.org/eyeball22Intro.php.

Some highlights:

  • THE CENTURY CLUB WILL BE VISITING THE PCARS CLUB SITE ON NET NIGHT THURSDAY 7/28!!! Bill Dobson, N3WD, from the Century Club and Reisterstown, MD (and a good friend) will be making a special presentation to PCARS at ~7:30-ish – a 70+ year old Wouff Hong! See a brief history of the dreaded Wouff Hong here: https://www.onallbands.com/what-is-a-the-wouff-hong/
  • As a member of BOTH clubs, I want to brag about both groups of members (both have great people!), and brag about our INCREDIBLE PCARS Club Site! BE THERE on NET NIGHT!!!
  • We will visit Hartville Market/Hardware/Kitchen on Friday morning. Come with us!
  • On Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, we will be hosting our 40m net AT THE BRIMFIELD COMMUNITY CENTER! Check out how we play radio on the premiere Worked All States (WAS) and DX award nets in amateur radio! You are very welcome to enjoy camaraderie, ham fellowship, snacks, etc. WE HAVE FUN!
  • On Saturday morning at 9:30 AM to 12 noon, we have our Mobile Shoot Out. It is a contest for whose mobile HF signal is the strongest.  It is always fun, and awesome to see the mobile antennas. Some are outrageous! The winner gets a “Top Gun Mobile Shoot Out” hat! The LAST place winner gets a “Pop Gun – Mobile Shoot Out” hat! It will be taking place at Town Square Dr in Brimfield. Details are on the previously mentioned website. ALL PCARS MEMBERS ARE INVITED TO JOIN THE FUN – FREE! You can register on the website or at the Shoot Out venue (get there early to register). Think you have a great mobile HF signal? Try your hand against some of the best!
  • Our big banquet and raffle is on Saturday, 7/30 evening. If you want to go, you need to register and pay. It’s $50/ per person AND includes 2 raffle tickets. The big prize is a NEW YAESU FTDX-10 TRANSCEIVER AND POWER SUPPLY! If you register and pay, you could buy extra raffle tickets for $5/ea or $100 for 21 tickets! We will have MANY, MANY other prizes as well. And, most of the Century Club members will bring OTHER prizes from all over the country!
  • Sunday morning is “travel day” for most. We will have coffee and continental breakfast at the Brimfield Community Center. Say “hi” (or “bye”) and stop in!

EVERYTHING is free except the Saturday dinner and raffle. We will have snacks, drinks, lunches, etc the whole weekend!  

Hope to see everyone at the Eyeball!

73 de W8NET Gene

PCARS Member

3905 Century Club Master #47

3905 Century Club 2022 Eyeball Host

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