ARRL Field Day 2021 Final Scores

The final scores for Field Day 2021 have been published and PCARS finished #2 in the nation for operating class 4A. This also put us as #1 in our division and #1 in the State of Ohio. Our stations made a total of 3,548 QSO’s for a point score of 12,046 (including bonus points)! This was accomplished despite lingering handicaps from the effects of COVID 19. Our members pulled together to deliver an outstanding performance. We will dig into the statistics and provide a report comparing 2021 to previous field Days, to see where we can refine our to advance PCARS to our goal of being #1 in the US. But for now, I just want to congratulate all the PCARS members who contributed in any way to our 2021 Field Day success.
73 from Tony Romito, 2021 Field Day Chairman
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