Bouvet DXpedition News

The following has been reported by several sources [edited]:
4 team members have spent 4 days on the island under difficult conditions. All team members are now back on the vessel and everyone is safe. Bouvet has proved to be a difficult destination to activate, and the team is now adjusting our plans before we return to the island.
The WX forecast for the weekend indicates a storm with 60 knot wind
Sunday/Monday and depending on this storm we will assess the situation and go onshore when conditions are good. This will not be a fullscale operation as planned but a smaller setup. We have a good overview of the camp and the possibilities, and will attempt to continue building the camp. We have infrastructure on the island including access to the camp.
So it appears that this DXpedition is going to downsize its efforts in order to make sure that they can do something to make it successful instead of totally giving up because of the WX conditions.
73 – Chuck W8PT
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