Builds for 2023

We are planning build and learning events for 2023 and we need your help. Below is a list of event ideas that we have talked about for 2023. Take a look and let me know if you would find any of them interesting. Also, if you have any other ideas for builds or training session let me know. All options will be considered.
  • Cable build- The purpose of this build is to provide training in how to make cables. We will be making coax (RG8X or LMR400 type coax) or PowerPole cables. For a small fee, the club will provide connectors for one coax and/or one PowerPole cable.
  • 2 Meter, 70 Cm J-Pole build- Fun build constructing an antenna to get you on VHF or UHF. A kit will be available for purchase. The J-Pole is a great antenna.
  • Balun Build- Building one of a number of baluns or ununs including 1:1 or 4:1 current baluns and a 1:9 unun for EndFeds. Kits will be available for purchase contain all the parts necessary for the building of your selected option.
  • Dipole antenna build- Build a single band dipole antenna for any band you choose or even an offset fed dipole for multiple bands. Kits will be available containing the required parts and wire.
  • Mobile Rig Installation- This session will provide useful information on the installation of equipment in a vehicle and help with actual installation in your car. You provide the equipment and we provide the help.
  • Extra Class Electronics Course- We have had a lot of our club members enjoy this class. Free to club members.
  • Smith Chart Class- This is another class that has been held with success in the past. Free to club members.
  • Introduction to Microcontrollers- This course will provide a basic introduction to Arduino and Raspberry Pi computer projects with a focus on ham radio projects. Free to club members.
Please take a few minutes and help us plan events fitting your interests and that you will attend.
Jim, AC8NT
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