Crozet Is. DXpedition

I’m not sure how many of you need Crozet Is. for DXCC, but I do and I’m looking forward to F6EXV’s DXpedition to Crozet on December 20. The plan is for him to arrive on Dec. 20 and be able to operate until Jan 26. His window of operation is tightly regulated by the permission given to him to be there. There will be a 5 hour period every day when he will NOT be able to operate. He will not be allowed to transmit so as to allow the Polar Institute, based on the island, to make some scientific measurements.
He is going to concentrate on 2 or 3 bands but he hasn’t chosen any frequencies yet. He will issue more info when available. He is thinking of using 14 and 18 MHz during the day and 10 MHz during the night. If I get any more info, I will post it.
73 – Chuck W8PT
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